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These are a few of my favorite things..🎁

It’s that time a year again, and just like the past few of them it kind of snuck up on me. If your anything like me, you like to have … Continue reading

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Life’s Bucket List

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Why does dating have to feel so futile ? It almost feels like an oxymoron. If you dated and found Mr. Right…

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Never going back 

“It wasnt until I lost everything that I started questioning my existence. Like the soldier that comes home to calm and peace, there was really nothing more to recognize. I … Continue reading

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I know this much is true

[Edit] I knew for awhile that if it was going to reach the level of continuing my education, that I had to show some ability. I had no formal education … Continue reading

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Beautiful Essay, David O’Hara

♤♡♤♡♤Dakota Midday: “I want my religion to be like a garden..“| SDPB Radio♤♡♤♡♤                      Click here to listen

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Watch “Life as a Story” on YouTube

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Letter to Mary

Dear Mary, Your story is a very beautiful one to me. I too am Athabascan but unregistered to my tribe, I’m adopted. I was born in Denver, CO to a … Continue reading

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