Revellanotvanella, and what she said

Just Another Average Day in Politics

​[Notes; edit]

In an aired visit to Moscow Carter Page  a former Donald Trump campaign advisor and founder and managing partner of Global Energy Capital with direct ties to Russia, said that although his post election influence is definitely more limited he acknowledged think tanks were a good channel to continue ‘pushing this agenda’. Carter alluded to a more grassroots approach but only mentioned the bare minimums of what this might look like. 

While Page spent seven years as an investment banker at Merrill Lynch in London, Moscow and New York and more recently serving as Chief Operating Officer of the Energy and Power Group, he said “The cost of fake news is hard to overstate.”

But this has been my goal my whole life,” he said, then laying down how important it was not to be ‘heavy-handed’ and obstructed by the previous policies of  National Security with Russia and instead turn to the business advantages that lie in wait and work on removing the barriers between the U.S. and privatization with Russia. Page opted not to discuss current policies and a nuclear_ code which has only been adjusted more recently, and instead attributed a wider portion of his message to discussing the impact of fake news.

  • Note: Russia, the U.S. and Space Privatization 
  • Note: Have we finally gotten something that could very soon lead to a reset, unlike even the Obama Administration has seen? 

Page noted The Wise Men by Isaacson &_______, when asked by an audience member 23:00 [“Well do you have any channels? ] –a book written a decades ago but influencing his decision why he decided to get involved in foreign policy.

He licked his lips a lot, laughing off Wikipedia as a fake news outlet (what percentage of Americans actually use this as their go to..), and stating that he was actually not a Marine Foreign Intelligence officer, but ‘in the Navy’. (Note: Joe Biden’s son; relationship with the Ukraine and expulsion from the Navy right around 2014 Ukraine ‘crisis,’ i.e. Madan Square).

  ■ Note1: Discuss Natural Gas revolution

  ■ Note2: President  Jimmy Carter tenure in Navy 

But still many progressives who might have thought they already had it in the bag, are not happy. No not happy at all. Lockheed Martin lost 4bil from a Trump tweet last week angering many establishment politicians, not least of all Hillary Clinton. 

  • Note: Jill Stein; What does this mean for the Green Party?  Probably nothing as usual. 

Hillary warned, at what seemed an even  more ironic retiring ceremony for Sen. Harry Reid that,

 “The epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year — it’s now clear the so-called fake news can have real-world consequences.” □

                                                      ♤ RNotVanel




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