Revellanotvanella, and what she said

Never going back 

“It wasnt until I lost everything that I started questioning my existence. Like the soldier that comes home to calm and peace, there was really nothing more to recognize. I guess It was finally settling in, that I was experiencing my own version of ptsd. I hated every moment of it.”

“I never even believed they would let me go easy. After the day I received my entry certificate, and recanted. Still, they hushed me up well. Not much as a peep after I told them I couldnt do it. That this went against everything I believed in.”
“I even believed eventually they would come back for me. Never did I consider they would come back for my kids…” 
“Today I was moving full speed ahead not caring what demolishment I left. I was a bully, I was a boss looking to get whatever I could get. Because time was moving fast, faster than 35 years should ever take. My head was enormous as it could be to soften the blow of my empty cast shadow.  (Still chasing away the memories this life didnt ever really exist).”
“Maybe I was sent in here to fuck up. Just so I could report back, yet there are these emotions so deeply attached…”
A moment where I’m alone. 
“I’m being taught how to parachute, and right before they push: “Ohh, you know there waass this other part, but your really not going to need that now..”
“My ex really did know my powers well..warned me to stay…”

                       (Dripping faucet)

​The Perpetrators knocked the strangers head against a device that acted as a sift, shifting all the new memories and images from their places

[Scene:] Running across a major highway

 “I just want things back to the way they    used to be!”

Tears ran down her little girls face, she consoled her with kisses to the forehead and hug after hug after hug to the point they felt meaningless– that scared her but she knew there  was no going back…

..for any of them. [editmode]


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