Revellanotvanella, and what she said

Impact, True bliss

The small bees with wooly brown coats hover round

Its one of those quiet summer days I’m invited to enjoy its space

I’m sure I’ve found it I look up at my coffee take a drag what if this is my home I think

A place so beautiful to me with our own special memories

I’m back here but I’m uncertain memory is still my home

My life treads straight forth I’m older now and baffled

What other memories I could find right off the top of my head I feel its comfort

The trees whisper, electricity buzzes faintly then a wind touches me Still, have I found it

A reversal of such, deja vu right before I wake hair stands upon my arm

Laughing child, one who have my heart, a sweet special breath sets sound in my heart

I have to wonder what is the option to disgrace another place deep in my memories

If I’m pushing them all how do I know now


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