Revellanotvanella, and what she said


  1. Learn Latin, Italian and Turkish
  2. Travel: Scottsdale, AZ Phoenix, AZ and Sedona, AZ, Santa Fe, NM, Seattle, WA,
  3. Lake Tahoe, Denver, CO, Breckenridge, CO, Revisit Pittsburgh, PA
  4. Live for year in Toronto
  5. Travel: Ireland, Castles of England, Easter Island, Macchu Picchu
  6. Parasail, Skydive, White-water raft, Kayaking, Mountain bike in the Adirondacks
  7. Take ride on motorcycle
  8. Learn how to make sushi
  9. Learn how to use sewing machine
  10. Learn Digital Art (photoshop)
  11. Establish T-shirt Boutique
  12. Write: Witches Guide to Writing
  13. First Draft: “Young Gen”
  14. Study Classical Literature
  15. Travel to Portugal castles
  16. Travel to Budapest, Hungary
  17. Move to Toronto
  18. Live in Philadelphia for a year
  19. Attend a retreat 

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