Revellanotvanella, and what she said

All that she says


Im opening my mind wondering what blue moon skies mean between the trees

Another way to feel the wind swept beneath the forest leaves

Things never the way they were ever supposed to be

Still I keep climbing and climbing I do

Your way too opinionated I think all the things you want to say just flew

You keep talking giving me facts and alternating opinions of what you

think I might see

Might see my reality even if there still is one

This is supposed to be stories about death by all the different letters

of the alphabet nothing so wrong, such as that .

A, “Ax,” B “Bat” –C “Cunt” I chime in, “Their the hardest of all they’ll rip

your heart out

The differences are cantoring while all the while being sacrificial

He’s itching his palm

Subtitles and on we still try to watch it

And so that is how black widow finds me

Then at the ailing sound of a baby crying in despair: he flees.


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