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Dating: Back on the Bucket List..

Why does dating have to feel so futile ?

It almost feels like an oxymoron. If you dated and found Mr. Right the first time around (love at first sight anybody), then why, do we call it dating with an -ing?

Like how often does Disney and the trickle down have to overshadow my dating life. I shouldn’t hold myself to such standards but I pretty much do. Alot going on in that equation.

Heres where I’m at:  Maybe at the conclusion of one dating story there wouldn’t be so much guilt and shame if I just said fuck it.  #candycoated, and what about Hollywood anyway– how come they get so off the hook?  You and I know that the ideologies are primitive, outdated–


Wouldn’t there be much less drama, hurt feelings or resentments, if people started proclaiming this dating thing as what it is, a journey? Or is the watered down ‘journey’ thing too tacky. Without ones wounds to lick in love and war what are we without it?

 Well, woman would stop being profane names; and men heartless? 

[Or insert drama]

But here’s the thing. Dating is no different than say –a first time parent. You don’t come into the world knowing much anything about it:

it just happens

And hopefully  it makes you a better person who knows you might of learned something about yourself other experiences wouldn’t of been able to match.  I don’t want to carry around dead weight for the rest of my life if a relationship doesn’t succeed, because If I’m honest with myself (and now a stronger person), now I can admit it made me better.

Why shouldn’t you be able to improve as you go.. (stigmas, ladies?? Meanwhile we have transgender, gender neutral, non-binary–)


And at the end of the day I do believe some relationships call for a grieving process–hell, get yourself to some support groups and dont be scared. Its hard to not want to hate someone when you feel they have your heart hostage. Been there. Took years. 

At the end of the day you can be a better person for your experiences. So go ahead, do y-o-u and let love live. 

Happy 2017 daters..



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  1. Revellanotvanel
    November 25, 2016

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