Revellanotvanella, and what she said

Dare To Be Different

Hard to believe we’ve made it to July with the abnormally long winter feels like its only just passed us. Spring has really sprung and soon the dog days of summer will be here.

 The weather has peaked 90 but also left us with a lot of beautiful days for fun in the sun in- between. What better time to dive into the dating scene. With the economy the way it is one can never be too be savvy with their money or a few dates at the movies will leave you broke. So here I included a few unconventional means of wooing the ladies.

Trampoline Park

Now this one is fairly new with more and more places just like it cropping up so your likely to find a place not far from where you live and will definitely surprise her. It’s exactly how it sounds: an entire space of trampolines all the way up into the walls. You can reserve a spot in one of their fitness or dodgeball sessions to keep it interesting and fun. Now if you don’t plan this one out right, true, it can get a bit pricey but you can easily cut the cost in half by keeping a close eye on Groupon with a little bit of planning. These places are literally vying for your attention on websites like these. It gets their name out there and customers in the door–and who knows you may even score some excellent dinner deals for later on.


Here’s one you probably never thought of. I just happened to be hiking with my two girls in White Clay when we stumbled into what looked like a red pencil box off of the trail, which I thought was odd, opened it up and what do you know all a sudden we were opened to the world of Geocaching. The idea is to contribute what you want to the box and in return you and your date get something in return. Be creative with this one. This is your chance to really impress your lady friend and give her lots to talk about later. Still sounds cheesy? Actually its genius. While you and your friend are working up your heart rate all of those endorphins are making her feel closer to you. Her brain will literally be associating those warm and cuddly feelings to you! (And did I mention: It’s free.)


Sitting underneath the stars at night has a way of bringing man back into that primeval state before there were cars, cellphones..the internet, and quite frankly, it’s romantic. Theres not an abundance of people walking around with telescopes these days so chances are you will introduce her to something she hadn’t even experienced. I remember my first experience looking up at the moon through a telescope it blew my mind. Opened me up to a whole new world I hadn’t even considered. If you google search “Astronomy Clubs” your likely to find others who share this same hobby and their open to the public. ( Later you and your date will have lots of philosophical thoughts to ponder.

There are many places waiting to be explored that often don’t get put in the dating category but can be just as effective at bringing you and your date closer in the end. So Have Fun with it!


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